True, uncompromising electro has itself a place within electronic music, which is impossible to deny no matter what your tastes. Robert Witchakowski's ‘Solar One Music’ represents not only a label that firmly fly’s the flag for the genre, but seeks to create, manipulate, and redefine the electro name. This has led to the imprint gaining somewhat of a cult status since its inception in 2006. As part of ‘The Exaltics’ he is also carving out his own brand of wonderfully dark and sinister creations, meandering his way through and out the other side of the genre and into the realms of darker ambience and twisted atmospheric journeys. This is evident in Crème Eclipse’s release of ‘They Arrive’ and as discovered in the recent ‘Node EP’ for Modal Analysis’s second release.

As the Solar One Music boss, Witchakowski is releasing works from the likes of AS1, Gosub, ESS, Impakt, Crotaphytus and the aforementioned The Exaltics. This mix is exclusively SOM material and is skillfully knitted together with no regard to any kind of beat matching, but instead ebbs and flows with the help of eerie groans and dark synth washes; reminiscent in many ways to Ivan Smagghie's epic contribution to the Fabric series.

The music is what matters hear and this mix pits different styles, tempos and moods together to form an hours worth of genuine, raw electro that really starts to kick off with Das Muster’s ‘Massendynamik’. The groans, pulses, shimmering bleeps and lingering voices on one of Solar One Music’s latest releases ‘Plug In’ by Gosub, expresses what his sound is all about. From here, the eerie, sexed up vocals of yet another stellar SOM release continue to show how electro really should be put together. This mix doesn’t hold back, and most definitely delivers. It represents a benchmark on a level others should aim to attain. It also showcases another exclusive track by way of 'My Language' by The Exaltics, which helps to amplify the buzz and help to realise why the name The Exaltics is fast becoming a name on everyone’s lips. This is electro, purely and simply, at its best.