Snare’s fifth instalment of the series is undeniably a special one. The opportunity to hear an online mix from this particular collective is pretty rare. So when a set clocking in at just under three and a half hours lands in your hands from them, you know you’re in for a treat. Recorded live at one of their recent and newly established low-key affairs in London dubbed ‘Backyard’, Snare proudly presents a mix by a one half of the somewhat clandestine duo Murmur.

As label heads for Meanwhile Records, one of the finest Deep Techno and Minimal House imprints in the UK, Murmur have carefully built a solid reputation for the label through well over twenty vinyl releases since its inception in 2005. A well-balanced combination of their own wonderfully deep and melodic productions, alongside excellent works from the likes of Conforce, Quantec, BVDub, Mohlao and fellow label heads Bovill, certainly makes for a more than credible release catalogue. The label’s output, even though relatively sparse in recent times, is of real purist quality. Murmur’s latest release themselves was in fact the brilliant Fume EP, which came out on said imprint way back in 2010. Perhaps a less frequent release schedule for Meanwhile in recent years has been a positive thing though, given the fresh ideas that can now be attributed to some of the newer projects these guys have been behind of late. Having released a handful of excellent dubbed out, atmospheric and Detroit influenced techno via the discreet and anonymously run imprint IXA, it’s apparent that there is still much more to come from this emphatic duo. With a further release on the way with IXA, plus a six tracker from Bovill on Meanwhile due out in May, it seems the output is picking up again, which is no doubt excellent news for the serious collectors out there.

The mix recorded for Snare is a unique blend of the combined Detroit and Berlin aesthetic you’d come to expect from the label, accompanied by some more classic and vocal led US house; which even though a stark contrast to their usual sound, works an absolute treat for the series by showing a slightly more playful side to their repertoire. Opening up with a characteristically dark and dubbed out vibe which carries the first forty five minutes, and includes the low-slung decadence of two out of three tracks on the aforementioned Fume EP, the mix then leads us into the slower-stomping disco and house flavours which starts to nudge up the pace and reflect the mood of the party. The following hour and a half or so is mainly dominated by a well-selected and infectious collection of pure party music. Strong vocals and uplifting tones set the mood alight through a fine and educated choice of Detroit house monsters. You can’t help but listen with envy at the lucky revellers present to see this played live at Backyard; it’s fair to say the atmosphere would have no doubt been electric.

As the mix teases into slightly tougher territories for the last hour or so, revelling in some acidic Chicago house tips, it’s worth taking the time to appreciate the gradual and intelligent track selection that’s gone into this mix; a skill which can easily get overlooked by some when playing for this length of time. The guys manage to generate and maintain a real energy throughout; complimented by tight vinyl mixing and a clear understanding of how to really charge a crowd.  

Whichever hat they choose to wear, whether it be Meanwhile, IXA, or one of their other projects in the pipeline; it’s a fair observation that this a talented camp.  Their music is genuine, creative and thought provoking which represents Snare’s ethos perfectly. Entertaining a few guests for the evening? Then this mix should do nicely!!