Since 2009 Myk Derill has been dishing out his own brand of techno. Whether that’s deep dub-techno, groove heavy rollers or dance floor ready bangers. He seems to be in no rush with his productions. There is definitely an air of confidence and calmness with his approach to his Djing and production. His close relationship with labels like Philippe Petit’s Knotweed and Myles Serge’s Reform has allowed him the freedom to only release top quality records which are precise, acute and have that special ‘German’ seal of quality.

Myk has a knack for delivering tracks that are always engaging, full and accessible in so many environments. By floating between different styles and genres, he is slowly becoming noticed on a wider scale for his ability to drop in and out of varying sounds. An example of this is the inclusion of a track on the ‘Dispatches From The Bubble’ Ep which came out in 2012 on Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast. This is a clear tip of the hat to a producer on the rise.

Myk has really taken to the Snare policy with his mix by again showing a different side to his Djing output. Instead of following on from previous mixes by hitting the listener with his brand of beat driven big room techno, he has turned down the aggression and instead offered up a much more groove-centric, rolling excursion. With no tracklist offered the investigations into what tracks are on the mix begin. But what is on there for sure is a treat from his third release on Knotweed which is out May 10th.

Myk Derill is on the move so keep your eyes and ears peeled as he may be dropping into a city near you soon! Enjoy