‘Continuity and consistency is the aim for everything I do.’ These are the words of a man who says what he means and means what he says. So for the next 10 releases (one every 7 weeks) Simon Haydo will be releasing vinyl only techno via his new DEM label. DEM originates from Stockholm via Berlin and back again as Haydo moves between homes now that he has opted to go full time after 13 years Djing in the Swedish capital.

Born in Beirut, Haydo has been playing in Stockholm’s underground scene for many years; therefore it’s no surprise that he’s a close friend of Stockholm LTD’s very own label head Pär Grindvik. It was only fitting that Haydo’s first release was on his friend’s well established, highly respected and much loved techno label.

Deciding to release exclusively his own material on his very first imprint sees Haydo adopt the aforementioned philosophy of ‘continuity and consistency’, not only through his release schedule but embedded deep within the music itself. DEM offers a style of rolling and pumping techno in its simplest form without becoming too minimal in design. The releases have real warmth, soul and groove as well as encompassing a unique versatility to his sound that enables them to be appreciated across a multitude of dance music events.

Switching up styles and encouraging variation is what Snare is all about. The driving force behind the site is a desire to showcase alternate sides to a dj or producer’s typical output, and Haydo has provided us with a fine example of this. By his own admission he prefers to separate his love of house and techno and opts to play the respective styles as different sides to his repertoire. This mix therefore offers an insight into the housier flavours of his tastes.

The choice of company his own ‘Track 6’ on DEM keeps in this mix is nothing short of a host of excellent cuts from top draw, and widely celebrated producers such as Big Strick, Dj Qu, Juju & Jordash, Vakula’s alter ego Vedomir and Tevo Howard. With an A-list of talent like this among a number of other treats, not much more needs to be said other than sit back and enjoy it. It’s quality through and through.