For Snare's latest mix I decided I quite fancied putting something together. So here's a selection of super nice records I've been discovering, buying and playing a lot over the last few months. It's a varied blend of abstract, ambient and tripped out records, from some of my favourite producers, that leans towards the dark and more melancholic side of my taste. I hope you enjoy.

Huerco. S - Untitled
Will & Florian - I Think That's How Roaches Sound
Rings Around Saturn - Gipsy Village
Mix Mup - Bungalow
Kassem Mosse / Simon White - Long Moon
Huerco. S - Press On (Ruff Rub)
Herva - Hope
Pole - Aue
Oni Ayhun - OAR002A
Metropolis - The Great Lake
Duckett - Cobwebs & Waiters
H.S- Unitled A1 (A Verdigris Reader)
Herron - 33 Weeks
Herron - Lost In Dust
FDF - Hydra (Radio Edit)
Duckett - Naked And Fearless
Anton Zap - Pauspapier
H.S - Untitled B2 (A Verdigris Reader)
Fabric - Split Guest