snare 018: duckett

The next slice of Snare's history is carved out by the hugely talented UK producer, Duckett. Originating from the rolling green hills of the Welsh countryside, he has been one of the original artists who regularly appears on the bill at Freerotation; the enchanting three day festival held annually at Baskerville Hall, which he has performed at almost every year since their humble beginnings. The festival itself seems to be somewhat of a hot bed for UK homegrown electronic musical talent, and this exclusive live set from Duckett is no exception to that rule, providing a perfect insight into the playful, mesmerising and unmistakably original sound he has been finely tuning over the last few years.

Earlier this year the Until My Heart Stops label, run by Joe Ellis and Leif, two of the minds behind Freerotation (alongside SuzyBee and Steevio), released two EPs one after the other both of which were exclusively tracks by Duckett. They are also two of the finest, experimental house and techno records of 2015 in my opinion; combining flavours of Minilogue-esque jazz riffs with trippy, ambient experimentation whilst maintaining a dance-floor ready and assured collective of dj friendly weapons. The tracks are mesmerising and you can't help but develop more affection for them with every listen. The glowing reviews and rating from Resident Advisor says it all.