snare 019: Frak

Next up is FRAK; a Swedish trio that have been producing electronic music and playing live together since the late eighties. That's a relatively long time to be still going strong as a band, which indeed they still are! Their first release way back in 1987 was their very first cassette album, also released on their own label, Börft.

In that time they have carved a unique and impressive style of Scandanavian electro and techno that takes inspiration from the likes of Severed Heads and Human League with synth-pop elements and loaded with arpeggiated riffs, yet still maintains an innovative and modern twist when it comes to machine music.

They continued to release quite prolifically on their own imprint for the best part of ten years before other labels took notice, following with various cassette and vinyl eps. Then in recent years, their standout Börft EP on the emphatic Sex Tags Mania was backed up by a string of interesting releases on Ulf Eriksson's brilliant Kontra-Musik.

FRAK are pure analogue machine junkies. Their sound is without a doubt intrinsically defined by the equipment they work with, and it runs as a constant theme throughout their back catalogue of great releases. Perhaps a direct result of growing up and living in a time when this was the primary way of making electronic dance music, but it's all the more charming for it

This mix for Snare is in fact a dj set they've kindly recorded. Expertly put together with records from their no doubt extensive collection from over 30 years of digging and collecting! It combines rare old Swedish spoken word, noise and ambient sounds followed by a solid hour of racey acid-tinged, synth-led techno and an electro style that is so synonymous with their own releases and label.

Electronic music veterans and legends, it's an absolute pleasure to have them on the series


Wolfeyes - Rattlesnake Shake (American Tapes / Hanson)
Leppe Sundevall - Ingenrädder för vargenär (Cupol)
William Kristansen - Pokey (Multiplex)
Johan Malm (feat JBS) -  Anaconda Itch    (Sjöman Records)
Earl Brown - How I feel (T&B Vinyl)
TM 404 - Ununge (Skudge)
Neuronium - Leathal dOSE (Jive Electro)
Chris Sattinger - All is forgiven, please  come home (Synewave NY)
France - Grant tour (Rectangle Astral) NOTE: (Computer skip - not the needle)
Woody McBride - The head is not longer than the body (Forced Nostalgia)
Gemini - Let's go (Cyclo Music)
Moskwa TV - Futuristic    Dance (Westside)
Mario Tanaka - Photochemical Smog (Analog)
Frak - RZA (Psychic Malmö)
Altar of Flies - Föruttnelsen (Release The Bats)