There seems to be something in the water in Russia. Or perhaps because it happens to be the biggest land mass on the planet, means there is a huge melting pot of talented musicians and producers that seem to go under the wradar somewhat, from the European and Western hemisphere's perspective anyway.

Hoavi is the third Russian/Siberian artist that's featured on Snare so far, and from his St.Petersburg base he's delivered yet another seductively deep and beautiful mix here, constructed with one or two of his own productions, among other niceties.

As the Co-founder and host of 'Shells Rattle Sessions'; a radio show dedicated to underground Russian electronic music, coinciding with the experimental community of the same 'Shells Rattle' name, Hoavi is one of the many emerging pioneers of the modern Russian underground scene. He clearly has a talent that spans across house, techno, experimental and ambient genres, as can be heard in some of the productions under his A.B.S.T.R.A alias on Bandcamp

The mix he's curated here contains layer upon layer of thick and sludgy bass structures that playfully dance around dubby kicks, almost at odds with the melancholic chords that swell and wrap around the rest of the scuttling percussion and synths. It has a steady pace to it, dipping in to ambient break periods before being thrown right back in to more of the same analogue and tapey warmth that is the charming, underlying texture to a lot of his tracks.

If this mix is anything to go by, then you can look forward to one or two sublime releases from Hoavi through labels like Gost Zvuk and a little more close to home, an upcoming EP on Snare Tapes. With mesmerising and hypnotic structures and moods throughout his music, Hoavi is certainly one to keep an eye on. You can hear his regular Shells Rattle radio station on soundcloud, so I'd advise strongly on checking him out. Enjoy!