If you haven't heard of Lerosa by now then frankly you haven't been listening hard enough. An Italian native now residing in Dublin, Leopolda Rosa is to some degree one of Europe's finest house and techno exports and unsung heroes from the last decade or so. As part of the emerging and close- knit contingent that Italy has produced in recent times alongside modern techno artists like Donato Dozzy, Nuel and Giorgio Gigli among others, Lerosa has been an exciting and constantly evolving talent to listen to both on production and performance based merit. 

Having released and remixed on a multitude of labels including the might Ostgut Ton, Uzuri, Quintessentials, Apartment, Hot Mix and a lovely recent EP on Wake Up! he is absolutely no stranger to the studio. His styles can vary from dubbed out and melancholic down-tempo house to more synth led electro and techno. There's a genuine air of class about his music in whichever style he chooses though, which is apparent in the list as long as your arm of quality labels who have released his music.


His dj sets contain everything and as somewhat of a connoisseur, Lerosa's varied record collection demonstrates a broad and revered style across the electronic music spectrum when playing live or recording mixtapes. As someone who isn't privy to recording and distributing mixes either, he keeps things interesting by playing a plethora of classic Disco records, to contemporary House, some darker and more brutal Techno, alongside some of rarest electro even the most dedicated of diggers will be foaming at the mouths for. It's no secret that his skills behind the turntables are always a joy to witness too, which you will hear in this mix for Snare.

Tracks from the more abstract side of techno such as 'A Made Up Sound' and L.I.E.S regular 'Vereker', sit nicely among a well picked selection of lesser known and rarer artists, which makes for a slick and classy journey through some stripped down and more abrasive techno, minimal house and more detroit led jams towards the end. It's a fine example of Lerosa's skills and why he's highly regarded as an electronic music artist.

Lerosa will be playing alongside the excellent Leah Floyeurs for Square Root in Hoxton on April 18th, followed by a gig for Fractal in Bristol on April 24th. Don't miss him if you can help it!