To kick off 2015 after somewhat of a mini-hiatus, Snare’s latest mix is a finely executed, 36 minute live set from a talented Amsterdam based producer called Aleks. So far, Aleks actually hasn’t officially released any of his own material just yet, which is fairly surprising, given the undeniable charm and infectious quality to its aesthetic. This live element is a first for Snare too, with the full selection made up exclusively of his own excellent, unreleased material.

Working his way through an array of the finest hardware, a Roland tr-505, Roland tr-909, Casio-RZ1, MFB-522, Cyclone TT-303 and some other ‘cheap synths’, Aleks’s music is drenched in analogue warmth that blankets the mix through a healthy use of chords and house stabs, softening the gritty and scuttling percussive edges in the form of 909 hats, toms and rim shots. This can be done poorly so easily with a lot of house music, but his combination creates a dreamy, wandering and unearthly soundscape at times, with just the right balance of space and drive behind it to hold a dance floor. 

This short but ever so sweet mix from someone who isn’t already on the radar for the majority of underground house music listeners, is highly impressive. And without doubt, a very bright prospect to keep an eye on and ear to the ground for. You heard him here first.