O.utlier is an artist Snare has admired both as a producer and selector since this project started out. So acquiring a mix from the man from County Galway in Ireland, is somewhat of a pinnacle moment for the series. As expected (and hoped for) after hearing his previous material, this mix is a truly masterful delivery in how to combine the deepest of house and techno records. He has an enviable knack of how to open, build and creatively maintain a level of tension that doesn't over-indulge a set, yet still projects an introspective thought process that obviously cares deeply about what is being created. The balance is brilliant, and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

O.utlier's first production outing came in 2013 on Efdemin's critically acclaimed Naif label. Sharing the record with Tobias, his hypnotic and well-crafted 'For One Of The Least' track perfectly complimented the label's direction and continued the lesson in how to make dj tool techno interesting. It's an undeniably great record, which probably hasn't left many bags since finding its way in. This was followed last year by a far more restrained, but no less intriguing 12" on Fred P's Soul People Music. Making ample use of the whole record, the 'Genesis EP' is a beautifully classy, three-track, down-tempo jam of soft percussion, wandering chords and more hypnotic drum programming that is completely drenched in atmosphere and colour. The contrasting styles in the two releases demonstrate his tuned ear for both depth and range when it comes to sound design.

With a further release on Naif on the horizon, and an interesting new live set currently being defined with a friend and fellow producer under the 'Cohort' alias, it's fair to say the proverbial ball has firmly started rolling for o.utlier. Even with a sparse catalogue in terms of quantity in the online world to hear from him to date, there is no doubt that the exemplary quality and integrity he has laid out so far in his music is a telling sign of things to come. This mix provides another example of that, and should be a perfect taster of what to expect from his forthcoming gig alongside Freerotation Festival's Steevio at Dance Tunnel in London on Saturday 21st February.